Bacadillas Health Center Improvements

Introduction – Bacadillas Health Center

This center is part of the PREDISAN – Catacamas public Healthcare Network and serves a population of more than 3,100 people. PREDISAN has been managing this health care unit since May 2016. The health facility provides general consultation services, women care, vaccination, preventative services, etc. from Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. It is attended by a family doctor, two auxiliary nurses and a health promoter. In addition, a component of prevention activities is developed, both inside the facility as well as in the community.

How Does The Journey Know About Bacadillas?

The Health Center in this Community was visited by The Journey Team from The Journey Church through Predisan. This team built relationship with the people and worked together to improve a few things while visiting. The group was greatly encouraged to see the desire of the people to improve their life styles. The 3 things completed with the team effort were: building of more adequate latrines, painting of the building and the community had already installed the roof. This is a follow-up report sent to the members of that group that visited 2 years ago and we are grateful for the progress they have made.


Thanks to the support of different organizations, a new Project has been completed in the health center of Bacadillas. The project was chosen based on the needs assessment with staff members and community members, and the most urgent need was to expand the waiting area for patients and to have adequate space to hold community meetings for preventative education. This project was initiated in October 2018 and completed by the end of November 2018 and was jointly funded by the The Journey Church located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Municipality of Catacamas, the community of Bacadillas and PREDISAN.

The Expansion of the Waiting Area Included

Construction of an annex roof of the waiting room (on a 52 square meter corridor).

Concrete floor.

Construction of a mid-high wall around the corridor (with stairs and it also includes a handicapped ramp).


Who Supervised this Project?

Martha Rivera, Project Leader (COO Predisan)

Elmer Rivera, Special Project Office (Predisan)

Dimas Cuellar, Builder (by contract)

Eduin Escobar, Welder (by contract)


It is encouraging to see that the funding provided by The Journey Church was in a way matched by the municipality of Catacamas. It is also worth mentioning that the community of Bacadillas put in efforts of unskilled labor about the same in cost as what Predisan matched. It is not always only about the money, but who is able to pitch in and make it happen. In this case, it was not only Predisan or the Community but all the other entities that joined forces to make it happen. We are excited and grateful to have been a part of this project in a small way. The total project cost was of $2,793.83.

What’s Next for the Journey?

It is our prayer and desire to make a visit to Predisan towards the end of 2019. We want to continue the 101 relationship with the community and support any other project if possible. In order to help these projects to continue happening we have decided to lessen the number of people coming, up to three, bilingual and mission oriented young adults. Ways to support us and Predisan will be coming up as the trip gets closer.


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