• Watching Our Autumn Sons

    My brother, Brent, wrote as always poignantly about our most recent guys weekend.

  • “The only way to eat a hot chapati is hot.” — Deron Smith, former missionary with Basoga people

    A few years ago I filmed Richard Bozanoona and his daughter making chapatis. First, you make a bread-like dough from flour, water, baking powder, shortening. Second, you make balls and let them rise. Third, you roll them out into round tortilla-shape. Fourth, put a tablespoon of oil on a hot skillet (in this case a “sigiri,” a…

  • Audio of a woman yodeling Basoga style

    The Mizira is a distinctive trilling yodel that Soga women do when they’re happy. You can hear me laughing at the end, and it still makes me laugh every time I hear it.