• Not Reasonable for Broken Windshields

    This is a photo of a truck with an incorrect warning.

  • Escape from Turkey Mountain

  • Cross Country & Soccer

    While some sleep off Friday Night Football, the soccer and cross country kids and parents awake and head out for matches and meets.

  • How to be good at preaching

    This is a quote from Chris Erdman’s Countdown to Sunday

  • Reading: Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis with Beth Clark

    Here on Greg Taylor’s blog you can read one of the first reviews of Katie Davis’s new book, Kisses from Katie: A young woman’s journey of faith, a remote village, and a love without limits.

  • Fellow Tulsans: Visit the Wall

    This article by Greg Taylor tells about a visit to the traveling Vietnam Memorial wall and encourages others to visit as well.

  • Reading: Forbidden

    Review of the first in a new trilogy by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee, Forbidden.

  • Tulsa World: Son, brother lost in war

    Joran Holliday was stationed in Iraq in 2007 and wrote a letter to his brother. A few days later Joran was killed by a roadside bomb. Then the letter arrived. “You have six siblings looking up to you,” Joran told John, “They do what you do. Be a good role model for them. Follow Jesus.”

  • Howard and Sam Dig For Gold in Tennessee

    Claude Country Mobile Home Park is named after the owner Howard Claude. Howard says he came from the toenails of the foothills of the Ozarks in Arkansas. Came to Nashville to write songs for Dolly Parton. Wrote lots of songs but she never sang one of them. He didn’t make money writing songs so he…

  • A Little Something About My Dad On His Birthday

    My father was born September 6, 1935 in Bluejacket, Oklahoma. Well, at least I think that’s where he was born. Guess I should ask to be sure. Was he born in the hospital or at home? I don’t really know. The things you think you know you probably don’t know. I do know that’s where…