• Acts 12 and Luke 22

    Sunday, February 23 I preached from a David Fleer sermon with the main point that Fleer sees in Luke’s last portrayal of Peter in Acts 12 parallel lines to a flashback in Luke 22 of Peter’s worst moment. So we looked at Peter’s last moment in Acts alongside his worst moment, when he denied Jesus.…

  • Acts of the Church and Our Own Conversion

    This week I asked our congregation to consider their own conversion, not in the way we traditionally think of conversion. Some people think of conversion as a one-time thing, a decision to turn away from sin, their baptism or a sinner’s prayer. But the New Testament doesn’t really use conversion in quite that way. Conversion…

  • Week One | HUF 2014 – YouTube

    Jordan Smith is one of the students with my daughter, Ashley, at HUF in Florence, Italy this semester, and he has a good eye for film and made this first week that makes an otherwise really hardship Villa life in wine country of Tuscany look quite appealing. 😉 Week One | HUF 2014 – YouTube.

  • You walked up on me

    This is a story about a human moment that started out wrong and ended up right in Walmart Automotive one day.

  • Acts 7-9: What do you think of the conversion of Saul of Tarsus?

    David Fleer preached a great sermon in which he repeatedly asked the question, “What do you think of the conversion of Saul of Tarsus?” I preached using this method and added some material, but the impact of the message was powerful and the Holy Spirit used this text and the feeling of re-creating the impact…

  • Now I understand: the conversion of Peter

    Now I understand: the conversion of Peter.

  • Remembering HUF

      Jill and I went to Harding University in Florence Italy (HUF) in 1987. Now, we enjoy hearing from our daughter, Ashley, not just what she’s doing in Italy, but also how she’s feeling and thinking about those learning experiences and new friendships. Here is her blog: The First Few Days.

  • How I Rediscovered Faith | RELEVANT Magazine

    How I Rediscovered Faith | RELEVANT Magazine.

  • Acts 3-6: “They had been with Jesus”

    This blog post is about the Acts of the Church series at Garnett Church of Christ, specifically Acts 3-6, which we discussed February 2, 2014.