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I am a home builder in Northeastern Oklahoma and president of 1256Movement.org. Proceeds from my latest book published in 2023, Prodigals, benefit this nonprofit dedicated to reparations of racial trauma in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Taylor is author of several books, including a coauthored work with Randy Harris titled Living Jesus. He and his wife, Jill, have three adult children, Ashley, Anna, and Jacob, for whom Prodigals is dedicated.

I’ve been a writer for 30 years, a professional writer and editor for most of those years. No matter what other jobs I’ve done, I’ve continued to write. I’m the author, co-author, editor, or ghostwriter of many books you can see here.

You’ll find a lot of topics I’ve written about listed and I’ve tried to categorize them so there should be bread crumbs for you to follow your interests. I’m 2024, I’ll celebrate 20 years of blogging. You can also find lots of free articles I’ve published in various magazines if you search my name at Christianity Today, Sojourners, and Wineskins. I wrote many book reviews for Publishers Weekly some years back but most of the reviews are not named reviews for sake of objectivity.


This is a somewhat dated photo of me with my wife, Jill . . . laughing, like we do a lot together. Jill’s my best friend, a faithful loving mom, a genius math teacher, and a humble disciple of Christ.

Taylor kids 2012

Jill and I have three children, from left, Anna, Ashley, and Jacob. We’re very proud of them. They do their own laundry, clean their rooms when we hold something back from them like food or money, all do great in school, but more than anything else, I’m happy to see them grow in a deeper relationship with God everyday. This is an older photo of them — they are adults now! Maybe soon I’ll post some photos of them as adults and of my grandson! You can guess which one you think had a baby first.

Greg interviewing teresa in honduras

This is me talking with Teresa and Hector in Honduras. This is one of the things I do as a writer, listen to people’s stories and write true stories from what I hear. Research I was doing about Dr. Amanda Madrid and Predisan formed the basis of a book I wrote titled, Lay Down Your Guns: One Doctor’s Battle for Hope and Healing in Honduras. There is also an audio book at this link!

Elevations-Garnett 2012

I’m very blessed to have traveled many wonderful places in the world, some mountain top experiences! This is one of those times with a church I preached for some years ago. My daughter, Anna, and the youth group climbed a 14,000 ft mountain in Colorado then visited a wonderful ministry called Dry Bones Denver.

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