On Sunday, June 24th, we had 28 kids total in The Journey Children’s Ministry! Every class was pretty full, especially the Pre-K class. The Pre-K learned about Gideon, and the Elementary class learned about the two sons in the vineyard.

The Elementary and Pre-K teachers are all wonderful people that want to teach the kids about God. They are also very loving towards the kids and they make sure to pay attention to every single child so that nobody feels left out.

The kids love their teachers, and they also love being around their friends and peers! A lot of them are outspoken and enjoy answering questions that their teachers ask them about Bible stories. Even the kids that are a little more shy than others end up participating! The kids also love telling their teachers about their weeks and what they did, whether it was going to the pool or just watching a movie at home with their mom and dad. They all participate in whatever craft or coloring page is given to them each Sunday also. We love teaching these kids more about God each week, and we are glad that they enjoy learning!