Have you ever used this phrase, maybe with a close friend, family member, or spouse?  I know I have haha!  It’s a funny phrase, but it bears some truth.  Those we are closest to can be the hardest to like at times, although we truly love them.  It’s easy to like people from a distance, but the closer we get to one another the more our imperfections are evident, and the more messy life gets.

Something I love so much about being on staff at The Journey Church is how our staff is like a family.  Over the last 3 years, since most of us came on staff, we’ve really grown to love one another, and share in each other’s lives.

At times this can be messy, and we can have tense moments, where we may not like someone in a moment, but eventually we come back around to liking each other through mercy and forgiveness.

I genuinely like these people, and I think we all share the same sentiment.  We don’t just love one  another, we actually like one another!  We enjoy being around one another, so much so that we often spend time outside of work hanging out and doing life together.  There are times at work where we are enjoying each others company so much that we have to remind ourselves we need to get back to work haha!  We often use the phrase “I love us!” to express how grateful we are to be a part of this staff family.  We are a quirky, odd group of people bound together through our love of Christ.

We have a lot of fun as a staff, from watching World Cup soccer lately, to playing foosball, eating lunch together, occasionally going on outings to coffee shops, or the Guthrie Green, and much more!  Sometimes we get some work done haha!   😉   One of my favorite things we do as staff family is we celebrate each other’s birthdays at the office.  We had a little too much fun giving Greg a hard time for his 50th!  A couple of weeks ago I turned 31 and I was the proud recipient of an amazingly delicious beautifully prepared vegan bean, salsa, guac salad made by my beloved friend and co-worker Nyasha!  Along with a hilarious vegan birthday card (see pics below) that Nyasha made and everyone else filled with loving comments!  (If you haven’t figured it out, yes I follow a vegan diet…but that’s a story for another time.)  I can truly say that I love and even LIKE my co-workers.  Not many people can say that.  Praise God for bringing us together by His grace!

Feel free to stop by the office/Outpost anytime between 9am-5pm, Mon-Thurs to join in all the crazy happenings!  We’d love to see you!



Cory is our worship minister. He and his lovely wife Hannah have 3 beautiful kids, Margo, Solomon and Juniper. They have a heart for foster care and adoption. Cory has a passion for music and how it connects to God’s heart. He enjoys running marathons and being out in nature.


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