Spiritual Gifts: Generosity

My father Terrel and mother Charlotte Taylor and son Jacob.

I believe Jesus Christ has given my father and my son the Spiritual Gift of Generosity. Don’t know how it skipped a generation, but I see the same qualities in my dad and son and I attribute this extraordinary generosity to the Holy Spirit. I’ve grown up seeing my dad give away cars to missionaries, jobs to the homeless and destitute, allow people to live in his rental properties, and even in my parents’ home. Now I’m watching Jacob grow up with this same kind of bent toward giving away what he has to others generously. Like my dad, he manages his money and gives it away when needs arise. After the earthquake in Haiti, with no prompting from me or Jill, Jacob gave money to Red Cross for relief efforts. He regularly shows willingness to give freely, and I believe God will continue to use him and this gift. In a recent sermon on Spiritual Gifts I addressed the children and their Spiritual Gifts, assuring them that God’s Spirit blows where it wants, and if he wants to gift you before baptism, he can come upon and gift anyone he very wells wants to.

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