Spiritual Gifts: Encouraging

My friend Terry Smith

I believe Jesus Christ gave my friend Terry Smith has the Spiritual Gift of Encouraging. This is a seriously needed gift in a world where people find themselves in messes constantly.

If I found myself lying on the ground and had committed the worst sin I’d ever done, I would like to see one of a couple people looking down at me while I lay on the ground: Jesus or Terry Smith.

That’s how important this gift of encouraging is. Encouraging is the gift of taking someone like the woman at the well who was not truly living and give her living water. Encouraging is the gift of meeting a sinner where he is and saying, “Where are your accusers? Go and leave your life of sin.” When an encourager like Terry says this, you leave feeling that you have not been judged but loved. Loved with unconditional love that is a picture of what God’s love is and does in us all.

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