I stink at blogging

I’m no daily blogger. You know that if you come here often. One reason is that the “web editing” time I take is often spent on http://www.wineskins.org, which I hope you’ll visit often. So when you get a dry well here, be sure to head over to Wineskins.

In L.A. this week with Jill at the Pepperdine Lectures. Sunny and breezy and have stolen away to sit by ocean a couple times . . . with a bag of sea salt bagel chips and string cheese and a mango . . . and, well, chocolate. Dark for me, Reeses for Jill.

Oh, the lectures! Have enjoyed a few, including Harold Shank’s always biblically faithful call, this one to respond to poverty in Jeremiah’s tearful and passionate way. Here mostly to talk about and promote ZOE/Wineskins and connect with people who write and work with me on Wineskins projects. Always enjoyable to talk to people who write for us.