Busch Stadium

For St. Louis Cards fans, this slide show will bring back memories. It did for me–of times our family went to Busch and watched Lou Brock and Joe Torre.

Busch Demolition Slide Show

While you’re at it, see Joe Torre’s effort to reach youth and make changes in domestic abuse.

Safe at Home

Appropriately, a Cards fan drove the first wrecking ball into Busch stadium. Same fans who applauded the Astros when they won the National League.

Went with the family and Clint Davis’s family two summers ago on the last pilgrimage to Busch Stadium. The new stadium will be nice. Early family vacations to St. Louis included trips to Sportsman Park, where the Cardinals played before Busch.

You can’t understand why cities and teams build new stadiums . . . until you walk into a new classic stadium. For example, Jill grew up going to games in the Astrodome. Sure, the scoreboard was cool, the atmosphere, well, sonic, groovy, Astroturf (where it got its name), but the aura at the new Minute Maid Park is incredible, retro, gives you the feeling you have stepped back in time but can still get nachos and clean restrooms.

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