Christian Radio and NPR

One news item: two completely different perspectives, and one example why we ought to ingest our news from a variety of sources:

Air One report Monday, Dec 19: coverage assumes the visit alone is the story–Vice president Dick Cheney goes to Iraq and Afghanistan and visits the troops and encourages them.

NPR report Monday, Dec 19: coverage with several angles–Cheney quotes about what would make a good government that would unite factions in Iraq and a quote from an opposition leader to the new parliament, who said the governing body is a bogus front for American occupation.

We have too much access to news to lock and load on one source. Please turn the dial occasionally, search new sources of news on the internet, change the channel to a different station.

My daughters love the Christian radio, and a lot of the radio is targeted for young people and a positive “safe” for the family alternative, so I understand it’s not attempting to bring hard news . . . that’s why we need to hear from different sources.