Valentine’s Language

My wife’s love language is “acts of service.” She likes it when I do the dishes, help clean the house, etc. I’ve revealed this little intimate thought before in Wineskins . . .

So I asked Jill yesterday, what do you want for V Day? Chocolates? Big heart shaped. No. Okay, how about some pretty roses? No. She always asks how much they cost. She’s our family CFO, why would she not ask?

Since her language is “acts of service” (see Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages), I’m going to do something where I don’t have to “say” anything and not sweat cleaning the house this time either: a gift certificate for several full house cleanings from “Domestic Angels,” a house cleaning service in Nashville. I know, I know, some wives get this on a regular basis, but that’s just not our approach, since we work on it together with our three kids as one of our chores. So this will be something special . . . and hey, it combines “gift giving” with “acts of service.”

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