• Fifth and final article in the amazing series “Electing to Follow Jesus” by Randy Harris you will want to read and share

    After hearing Randy Harris speak at the 2016 Pepperdine Lectures, I wanted to share the message of the lectures in print form, got his permission, transcribed, then re-worked the material into five articles, with deft editing help from Karissa Herchenroeder. We published the five articles about the church and politics in a series called, “Electing to Follow Jesus,”…

  • Audio Devotional: “Remain in Me”

    This is an audio devotional by Greg Taylor, a reading from John 15:-11, and a quote from William Barclay.

  • Acts of the Church 1

    This is a blog post about the Acts sermon series and class starting in January 2014 at Garnett Church of Christ.

  • A text that tells us ‘Certain Great Things’

    The following is a mash up of something William Barclay wrote, quoting mostly verbatim from a certain commentary about a Bible text that “tells us certain great things.” Can you read the clues from Barclay and guess the Bible text? In the process, I think we all might unlearn some things we thought about this…

  • For God so Loved the World

    For God so loved the world.You’ve never really understood the context of that passage and neither have I. The text gets fuzzy as to whether Jesus or John is really saying it and the quote marks are a fabrication of translators–they don’t exist in Greek that John was written in–but there is a conversation going…

  • A Woman Disciple?

    After watching The Bible Series on The History Channel, a reader asks, “Were there really women among the disciples?” Greg Taylor answers this question and gives a little more background from the Gospel of Luke.

  • Down in the River to Pray now available on iPad

    Down in the River to Pray by John Mark Hicks and Greg Taylor now available on iPad

  • Women Praying Aloud

    Listen to Greg Taylor’s recent sermon, “Women Praying Aloud” here.