Luke: Jesus for Everyone (5 resources on Luke you don’t want to miss)


What do you know about the Gospel of Luke?

In this post, I’m sharing with you some of my reading and preaching, and each week The Journey will post several blogs on Luke-Acts between December 2018 and Easter 2019.

I’ve been reading Luke-Acts for decades and love this fact about Luke’s gospel. It’s a gospel for everyone: the poor, the outcast, the poor, the lame, the prisoner, anyone who is considered condemned and oppressed in society. The gospel is for all. God is turning the world upside down and the story of this Messiah who is doing the turning will upend your life and assumptions about what the good news really is and how to live into it.

Join us as we read, study together, hear and preach the Gospel of Luke: Jesus for Everyone!

Here are five resources on Luke you don’t want to miss!

The text of the Gospel of Luke, of course!  Reading Schedule .The text of the Gospel of Luke, of course!  Reading Schedule .

The text of the Gospel of Luke, of course! Reading Schedule.

1. Read the text of Luke, of course!

But you don’t have to read alone. The Bible was written to be read aloud, and we read in our small group Sunday Bible studies, in our worship readings and sermons. Join us in reading The Gospel of Luke starting December 2018 through Easter 2019. Reading Schedule.


2. Luke is the primary gospel in the lectionary.

So check out this lectionary resource from Vanderbilt University.


3. N.T. Wright, Luke for Everyone.

Each of The Journey Bible study leaders have a copy of the Bible study version of this book and can read the longer book with me if they choose. Both probably available at your favorite bookseller web site.


4. The Bible Project videos on Luke-Acts

The Journey has partnered with The Bible Project in this four year path through scripture, and these videos and lessons on Luke-Acts, as with all of their material, is excellent for overviews and teaching on scripture.


5. Michael Card, recording of Luke: A World Turned Upside Down

Michael Card is one of my favorites, and he does an excellent job putting music to the biblical story of Luke in this album.

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