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Journey minister Greg Taylor is one of the sponsors for a short-term mission trip where he and Mary-Margaret Watson will accompany college students from Oklahoma Christian University and Harding University to Jinja, Uganda summer 2019. You can visit this page for any public information about the trip, but if you have questions about travel information that can only be shared privately, you can email:
Mary-Margaret Watson Greg Taylor


Hello New and Current Kibo Fellows!

I am so excited that you are part of our Kibo program!  I, along with Greg Taylor, will be with you during your time in Jinja, Uganda this summer.  There are a few things that we want to put on your radar as you are beginning to plan for this experience.


The trip cost is approximately $3,500.  We are asking each of you to work towards fund raising this amount.  I will be sending you specific documents related to this later this week.

FUNDRAISING STEP 1: Write a sponsorship letter


Dear _____________,  

Greetings from (your college name).  I hope you are well. I have been richly blessed at (your college name) with experiences and opportunities for growth and service. I want to tell you about another incredible opportunity that is being presented to me and ask you to consider helping me make it a reality.

During the summer of 2019, I hope to join a group of Harding University and Oklahoma Christian University students that will be participating in a four-week Experience Africa Internship in Uganda, East Africa.  Kibo Group International ( has been organizing such internships in East Africa for a decade and I am excited to have been selected.

The internship program is designed to give students an intense and high-quality introduction to life and faith-based work on the African continent.  We will be introduced to the issues, struggles, and opportunities involved in cross-cultural living, ministry, and development work. The program will also give us wider understandings and appreciations of other peoples and cultures and will give us the experiences and tools needed to support or participate in similar ministries in the future. 

The internship group will be led by Greg Taylor and Mary-Margaret Watson. Greg Taylor is the minister at The Journey Church in Tulsa, OK.  He is one of the founding members of Kibo Group, a current Kibo Board Member, and lived in Jinja, Uganda for seven years. 

 Mary-Margaret Watson is a history teacher at Metro Christian Academy in Tulsa, OK, Race Director for Kibo’s Run to the Well 5k and 15k, and a Kibo Board Member.  In addition, we will be hosted in Uganda by Henry and Lenny Oyier, (Rochester College graduates). Henry is from Kenya and is the current Uganda Country Director for the Kibo Group. 

Part of the reality is that I need financial support to make this possible.  The cost of the trip will be approximately $3,500 and I am permitted to raise this from churches and individuals. Would you be willing and able to contribute to making this possible for me?  I greatly appreciate your prayerful consideration of this and will value anything you are able to do. I realize that it is only by the grace of God and the prayerful support of people like you that I will be able to take advantage of this unique and exciting opportunity. 

I will need to have all the funds raised by April 1, 2019 but I would appreciate any that can be offered immediately as I will need to make a deposit for airfare in early January.  If you are able to help, please use the enclosed form to make a tax-deductible contribution.  Also, if you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

If you would like to support this mission, I ask that you make your check payable to: Kibo Group International. In the memo line simply put Experience Africa 2019.  Please complete the enclosed fundraising response slip, and mail your check and slip to:

Kibo Group International
PO Box 145
Searcy, AR 72145

Your donation is tax deductible.  If you chose to give, a receipt to document your donation will be sent at the end of the year for your tax records.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and consider this.  I look forward to hearing from you.


_______ (include email and/or cell number)

FUNDRAISING STEP 2: Include Kibo Info Slip with letters


FUNDRAISING STEP 3: Send letter and info slip to donors

FUNDRAISING HACK: Include stamped addressed envelopes to the address on the Kibo slip. Kibo Group International, PO Box 145 Searcy, AR 72145, and people are more ready to drop a check in the mail, rather than finding an envelope and stamp themselves.

FUNDRAISING STEP 4: Send donor names, emails, mailing addresses to Zach at Kibo

Send your donor list to Zach Abney

Kibo needs to get a list of your potential donors you’re sending letters to in order to keep good records for Kibo and for you to know who has donated to your fellowship. Zach Abney will send regular reports about who has given to the fellows, and you as a fellow will keep track of how much has come in for you. This will all be made easier and more efficient with the Kibo slip included with your letter.

FUNDRAISING STEP 5: Receive donor tracking link from Zach

Once you’ve sent your donor list to Zach (step 4), Zach can then send you a link to a web site where you’ll receive regular reports on donors when the come in. You can track who is giving there.

FUNDRAISING STEP 6: Be in touch with donors, write thank you notes!

You can write donors again when you return from the trip, but you’ll want to acknowledge personally the donations so people can know you received it, be acknowledged, and have another opportunity for them to ask you how well fundraising is going and if they need to pass the word in your network.



The dates for the trip will be leaving as early as May 15th, with a total of 4 weeks, ending no later than the 3rd week of June.  We are keeping this range open right now as we work to get tickets with our travel planner.  


One of the immunizations that everyone is going to need is Yellow Fever.  While on break, it might be a good time to get this done.  Once you have your shot, I need you to take a picture of your immunization card (front and back) and send it to me.  You will need to keep a copy of this with you as we travel to Uganda. Uganda requires this immunization in order to enter the country.

Note that there are sometimes shortages of Yellow Fever immunizations, so you might have to get on a list or try a couple of places in order to get it done. 


April 12-14, 2019 is Kibo weekend in Tulsa.  During this weekend, we have our Run to the Well 5k and 15k, our Kibo Fundraising Dinner, and our Kibo Fellows Retreat.  Please put this weekend on your calendar.  Harrison Dell, Brooks Davis, Jody Jones, and the current fellows work with us to help get you there.


You can email me, Mary-Margaret, if you need contact information of any of the travel group or other information we cannot share on this web page. |
Greg Taylor

Greg and I both live in Tulsa, but have various ties to the Harding University and Oklahoma Christian University communities.

I look forward to getting to know each of you,


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