Predisan Health Ministries, Catacamas, Honduras (Amanda Madrid/Rynae Calder)


Predisan Health Ministries

The Journey got involved with Predisan in 2014 when Journey Preacher Greg Taylor and his daughter, Anna, went to Honduras to write a book about the director of Predisan, Dr. Amanda Madrid. During this trip, Greg and Anna met Dr. Madrid’s adopted daughter, Bartola Kuruvilla. Greg’s wife, Jill, later had the idea to contact Bartola when we were searching for a children’s minister, and Bartola joined the staff in 2015. The Journey and Predisan, therefore, have a strong connection, and Bartola led a Journey short-term mission trip in 2017. The Journey continues to support Predisan financially, but as with all missionaries and organizations, we do not view our support as parental or impressive, because Predisan in particular runs a budget nearly ten times the size of Journey’s budget. Like so many of the organizations we partner with, we learn so much from them and the connection and benefits are mutual and wonderful. In 2017, Martha Rivera, Chief Financial Officer of Predisan, came to spend two weeks with our CFO Lisa Combs, and they learned from one another and strengthened the bond between The Journey and Predisan.

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