What is it like to voice Bible scripts for World Christian Broadcasting? (2 of 3)

I write scripts and record in studio for World Christian Broadcasting.

I went to Nashville recently to record a new set of scripts, this set on the Gospel of Matthew.

Thank you for prayers from my family, Jill, Ashley, Anna, Jacob, Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters, church family, and John Dickmann, who has texted me prayers while I’m here recording. I know some others are praying as well, thank you!

I’m happy for how God has brought together the visions of World Christian and The Journey, because this audio series of biblical scripts for World Christians called “The Good Book” fits so well together with our vision of The Journey Bible Project to read, blog, preach and teach through the Bible in four years. More to come about that.

I’ll post more photos and happenings from my trip to World Christian Broadcasting in parts 2 and 3!


One of the fun things about the trip was meeting the different language specialists at World Christian Broadcasting. Two that I’m featuring here are Chinese language specialist Edward Ho and Russian language specialist Igor Ponomarev. On breaks from recording 45 audio scripts on the Gospel of Matthew over three days, Igor and I mixed it up on the hockey ice. Mistake on my part. The Russians whipped the Americans 9-1. In a rematch the next day, same result, Team Igor for the Russian language program, 9, and Greg for the English language program, 1.

What is it like to voice Bible scripts for World Christian Broadcasting?

In the third and last post I’ll answer the question most directly about what it’s like to voice Bible scripts for World Christian Broadcasting.

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