THE JYG IS UP! Transformation at Genesis


Parents and teens! We will be giving you all current happenings in the Journey Youth Group. I hope this benefits you and your family! We’re excited to have you all involved in our youth group!


With the end of Camp Genesis comes the process of settling back into everyday life. It’s time to catch up on sleep, put some aloe on our sunburns, and sleep in our own beds! But most importantly, it’s time to take a long hard look at the lives we’re returning to. After hearing several incredible and convicting speakers at camp, now is the time to apply what we’ve learned to our everyday lives. 

We started the week off by ‘taking it to the streets’ of Shawnee, and volunteering in the community. Some organized and cleaned stock rooms, some sorted clothing, and some helped serve lunch to people in need. The week continued with more service projects, and we were able to choose the ones we felt drawn to. Regardless of the jobs we tackled, we all felt God working through us and in us throughout the week. 

One of our favorite speakers from camp, Freddy, spoke directly to many of our hearts. Every one of us has struggled with feeling alone, feeling like no one understands us. But Freddy showed us that God speaks our language, even if no one else does. He gave a fantastic reminder that we are called to love others, and we should let them know that God will always understand our hearts. 

Camp Genesis celebrated it’s 30th anniversary this year, and it’s plain to see why. We played games, made new and lasting friendships, heard from wonderful speakers, and grew closer to God through serving others. All in all, Camp Genesis 2018 was pretty incredible.



June Events

June 22: Pool Party at Geneva Howard’s

June 24: S.L.E.W. at The Outpost

June 26: Pancakes for the Community at The Outpost

June 29: Movie at Nate’s House


July Events

July 6: Bowling Night

July 8-10: Middle School Mission Trip

July 15: S.L.E.W. at The Outpost

July 18-22: Camp Tulakogee

July 27: Movie Night

July 29: S.L.E.W. at The Outpost


August Events

August 4: End of Summer Party 




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