Why I love my wife

Jill TaylorThis is my wife, Jill Smiley Taylor. We have been married since 1989.

Jill teaches math in high school and college. She tutors students.

She teaches children at our church and has always taught our children. She even bought a “flannelgraph” to teach our children.

I’ve never seen someone with as much courage, tenacity, talent, smarts, logic, sensitivity, beauty, sense of humor, world view, teaching ability, motherhood, discipline, joy, grace, goodness, spunk, sarcasm, faithfulness.

She and I have made decisions side by side about moving to Uganda in 1994. We have parented side by side. We lead our family together, side by side. I do not consider myself as the leader of the family. We are co-leaders.

She has made me a better man. Jill is my best friend.

I love you, JT. Happy 25th Anniversary.

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