Making Chapatis

Some of you who have heard of what Kibo Group ( does, have heard us talk about eating chapatis, and more than just a good food, many Ugandans make and sell as a small business. There are so many small business opportunities for Ugandans, like getting a little sigiri (charcoal cooker) and making these fried tortillas that have some roots I think in India and that are called chapatis.  

 Chapatis are best eaten hot, they will make you fat if you don’t walk 5-10 miles a day like lots of Ugandans, but they are soooo good. Our college summer interns would put sugar on them and dip them in chai. Friend and teammate in Uganda, Deron Smith, has been quoted saying, “The only way to eat a hot chapati is hot.” Well said, Deron, and true!

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