Steven Furtick. Multnomah, $19.99 Hardcover(224p) ISBN 978-1-60142-325-2


Releases September 2012


The death of Steve Jobs prompted the megachurch pastor and author Steven Furtick (Sun Stand Still) to read a saying of Jesus Christ about doing great things. The ambitious claim of Jesus was that disciples will not only do things they see Jesus do but “will do greater things.”


English: Pastor Steven Furtick, lead Pastor of...


Furtick weaves stories of his own life with that of the lesser known (than Elijah) prophet Elisha. The spiritual fodder about being greater that Furtick squeezes from his and Elisha’s stories is impressive. Furtick is self-deprecating, unguarded as he relates stories of his “lesser loser life” [15] and shows how to move from “good enough” or even “greatness” to “greater,” which is a way of living that exceeds human effort through the power of God.


Greater includes a full discussion guide with questions for church small groups or individual study and a short word on how to start small in each of the area of focus. Like many sermons turned book chapters, the book is full of personal and Bible stories but seems patched together. Lacks in-depth focus on the central Bible text (John 14:12) that sparked the book. Still, Furtick’s laugh out loud turn of phrase, enthusiasm, and faith pops even in print.


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