#9 – Chief Inspiration Officer for Outside Magazine 36-year-old Eric Greitens says whether running marathons, a great organization, or climbing a mountain, you have to build great habits.

It’s all about energy. Whether you’re leading a nonprofit, running a private company, doing something outdoors, or conducting military operations–you have to build habits that keep your energy high. This is my formula:

  1. Vigorous exercise: Six days a week, I walk out of a gym, a dojo, or off a track pouring with sweat. When I have a great workout, I rarely have a bad day.
  2. Good fuel: When I eat clean, quality food during my day, my energy never sags.
  3. Good partners: Working with a team of positive people keeps your spirits up.
  4. Balance: I pray every day, and I also laugh, a lot. You won’t have focus without balance.
  5. A goal: A worthy challenge will take care of your motivation for you.
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