Ida carries water

Ida (and Ruben, tied to her back) carries water

Our family ate and slept homes of Ugandans, and watching the way water is used and fetched particularly gave us more understanding of the importance of good clean water. We’ve all carried water for a little distance but we’re not as good at carrying on our heads!

Ida and Richard Bozonoona hosted us in their home for several meals and to sleep one night. We watched them get water from their catchment system, water from down the hill, across the street, bottled water. We have loaned Richard and his son, Rogers, some tools to start exploring for water on their property. They are digging with the auger to find how far they can reach before hitting rock or water.

We have really enjoyed being in the homes of our Ugandan friends and we also stayed with Bobby and Candice Garner, who have been here for two years working with The Kibo Group. Some donors from Garnett Church gave some money for children’s projects in addition to the water projects.

Some of this money for children has gone toward a literacy/library program at the Source of Life Cafe and Resource Center. This is a cool place where Ugandans and “Bazungu” (white people) come to do internet, drink great coffee and eat snacks. Computer courses are offered, and right now a BBS (Basoga Bible School) advanced course is being offered on Luke-Acts by Professor Ken Neller from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas.

Many cool things continue here in Uganda, and we’ve been very happy to catch up with friends, work on the water well project, and show our children the place where they were born and grew up. We’ve witnessed baptisms in Lake Victoria, seen natual wildlife, birds, and enjoyed one of the best climates in the world. We’ve also enjoyed foods we’ve enjoyed over the years, like chapatis, white sweet potatoes, fried cassava, and whole fried tilapia.

So much to tell but little time to sit down and write while we’re here. Love to you all. –The Taylor Family

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