Taylors to Uganda

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My family lived in Jinja, Uganda seven years and worked with a church planting team and local Ugandans to establish village and town churches. Jill, Ashley, Anna, Jacob, and I plan to return for a short-term mission trip this summer. We are very excited about going back to our second home that has meant so much to us all. This is sort of a pilgrimage for our family with specific goals for our trip that we’ll detail below.
Trip Objectives
•Visit and fellowship with our Ugandan friends we love so much.
•Reconnect Ashley, Anna, Jacob with their childhood home–birthplace of Anna and Jacob.
•Transport a new water well drilling system to provide water for rural villages (Water4.org)
•Visit and encourage current missionaries, Bobby and Candice Garner, who have been supported by The Kibo Group and Garnett Church of Christ.
A special thank you to those of you who have sacrificed your time, energies, and money to help make the whole mission in Jinja, Uganda a way of hope for Ugandans. We love and miss our Ugandan friends, the churches we shared life with, the missionaries who have taken the baton.
Ugandans and Americans together have moved the mission toward sustainability and continued spiritual and physical development, with more than 50 churches, The Source of Life Cafe, Basoga Bible School and many other projects such as the Mvule Tree Project, Water Source, a well-drilling project, both sponsored by The Kibo Group (www.kibogroup.org).
We have bought plane tickets and are committed to paying for as much of the trip as possible, but this trip is too big to keep to ourselves and we gladly accept any donations you want to give. You can send tax-deductible donations to “Garnett Church of Christ” and write “Taylor–Uganda” on the memo and send to Garnett Church of Christ, 12000 E 31st St. Tulsa, OK 74146. You’ll receive a tax letter at the end of 2010.
As thanks for your donation,we’ll send you a copy of the novel, High Places, a coming of age adventure and love story set in Uganda in the 1920s.
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