Spiritual Gifts: Mercy

Two Smiths: Rich and Lee--related by boots and Christ.

These here are two of my good friends Rich and Lee Smith. No relation, these two Smiths. They are only related by Christ and their boots. Rich liked Lee’s boots, some vintage boots from the 60s that look like they were shined right out of the factory yesterday, only they are beautifully broken in and freshly soled. When we were together at the Zoe Conference last October 2009, Rich played some beautiful music on Larry and Linda Bridgesmith’s piano, and he had a great message at the conference about what God is doing in a bunch of folks in Lubbock–other good friend, Dr. Mark Hall, joined that bunch of disciples of Christ who meet in Lubbock. Back to the boots. Lee gave Rich his boots. Here’s a photo of Rich wearing them. Beautiful boots and beautiful friendship. I believe God has gifted Lee Smith and Rich Smith with many Spiritual Gifts, but this meeting that I witnessed, this exchange of boots, was a simple act of love. I’ve seen Lee touched by so many people and respond with action and heart-felt emotion. I truly believe God has gifted Lee with a Spiritual Gift of Mercy. I truly believe God has gifted Rich with a Spiritual Gift of Music. I know that’s not officially listed as a Spiritual Gift, but as my shepherd John Dickmann says, the Holy Spirit just got the list started through the writings of Paul. There are many ways beyond that list that the Holy Spirit gifts us.

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