Dewey Church of Christ

A few times each year I take a Sunday and visit another church. Loy Johnson was kind enough to preach in my place last Sunday while I visited my home church, Dewey Church of Christ.

I enjoyed seeing old friends and pillars of the faith and gave thanks in the words of Psalm 61 that God has given me the “gift of a heritage of people who fear the Lord.”

A student from Oklahoma Christian University asked me on a survey to name good small churches in Oklahoma. I named Dewey Church of Christ and here are four reasons why.

1. Dewey church loves God and neighbor.

2. Dewey church welcomes guests with a meal after each Sunday worship.

3. Dewey church is humble and prays for one another in their times of need.

4. Dewey church is always thinking of ways to reach out to their community and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The top features of a great church do not begin with a great preacher or programs. What matters is “faith expressing itself in love” of God and neighbor.