Willie Franklin’s holy kiss

I met Willie Franklin many years ago at a youth rally. He was not as much a speaker as he was a Spirit-filled Energy everywhere he went. He crushed your hand when he shook it, looked you right in the eye and asked you if you really had a relationship with Jesus. Had you been baptized? What are you living for? He sang, he lifted people over his head. In short, to a pre-teen, he was a Super Hero.

Willie Franklin is quoted in this month’s Christian Chronicle:

“The world, period, is a mission field.”

The story, by Eric Tryggestad, reporting from the Annual World Missions Workshop that skips yearly to different Church of Christ universities, goes on to say that Franklin “makes a point to meet–and kiss–20 men each day and tell them about Jesus.”

“Whenever I go to Walmart, my wife knows I can be five minutes or five hours, because I don’t go just to get groceries,” Franklin said.

Now that I think about it, Willie Franklin must have planted a kiss on my forehead back in 1982. He also planted enthusiasm for Jesus in my heart.

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  1. Our whole family enjoys hearing Willie speak. He’s going to be at a youth rally near here (Tipton, OK) tomorrow. When our youngest son heard him preach a few years ago, he came home and preached for DAYS! So great the influence he’s had on so many for the cause of Christ.


    • Brother Willie just finished a Gospel Meeting with the Church of Christ in Monette, Arkansas. Let me tell you that we are not only uplifted but inspired. Inspired to Love One Another as Jesus loves us. We loved Brother Willie’s spirit filled lessons and yes we loved his “Chocolate Kisses”.


  2. Willie is a Great man of God. Look at his children and you can see that he really lives the life he teaches. What kind of world could we have if we all lived our lives the way Willie has.


  3. I attended a Wednesday night service at Caney, AR with Bro. Willie Franklin last night Nov 17, 2010. I have never been so inspired by anyone like this before. It was wonderful! You can tell that he is a honesty and trustworthy person that really cares about people. I really hope that I can attend again if he comes back. I left Caney last night a better person. Thanks!!!


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  5. Where can CD’s of Willie and his son be purchased? I am interested in the songs of the church that they sing.


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