I met Willie Franklin many years ago at a youth rally. He was not as much a speaker as he was a Spirit-filled Energy everywhere he went. He crushed your hand when he shook it, looked you right in the eye and asked you if you really had a relationship with Jesus. Had you been baptized? What are you living for? He sang, he lifted people over his head. In short, to a pre-teen, he was a Super Hero.

Willie Franklin is quoted in this month’s Christian Chronicle:

“The world, period, is a mission field.”

The story, by Eric Tryggestad, reporting from the Annual World Missions Workshop that skips yearly to different Church of Christ universities, goes on to say that Franklin “makes a point to meet–and kiss–20 men each day and tell them about Jesus.”

“Whenever I go to Walmart, my wife knows I can be five minutes or five hours, because I don’t go just to get groceries,” Franklin said.

Now that I think about it, Willie Franklin must have planted a kiss on my forehead back in 1982. He also planted enthusiasm for Jesus in my heart.