Earth Day Wednesday, April 22

This message is from Michael, co director of Alternatives for Simple Living

How will you be spending Earth day? We hope you will be able to spend time enjoying creation and support efforts to encourage the wise stewardship of the planet earth.

A common comment these days is "Now is the time we need to start living more simply." Usually this comment is made in the context of the current economic situation, where people are losing their jobs and investment income.

That is a good reason, but I think the reason we need to live more simply is more than adapting to an economic downturn; it is about the survival of human life on earth. "Live simply so others
can simply live" says it clearly. We in the, so called, developed world cannot continue to consume in the fashion or amount we have grown accustomed to and expect that life on Earth will thrive let alone survive.

David Korten, in his new book, Agenda for a New Economy; From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth writes, "Unless we are voluntary simplicity initiates, we are inclined to increase our consumption in tandem with growth in our income, placing an even greater burden on our planet. We often say with pride, "I can afford it," without asking whether Earth can afford it."

Earth Day asks if the planet can afford humankind's careless use of resources, particularly the extravagance of the richest third of the Earth's inhabitants. Our faith traditions ask whether we are being faithful managers or stewards of God's creation, and reflect back to us, that as we care for creation we are showing love to God and neighbor.

Have a great Earth Day,