Blessing of the Sun – Overlap of Christian and Jewish Calendars

Jeff Krisman, co-director of Neighborhood Kitchens, our Wednesday night meal we share with 200 plus each week at Garnett Church of Christ, sat with several of us and gave us an explanation of the Jewish Blessing of the Sun, a once every 28-year occurrence in the Jewish calendar.

Also rare is the overlap of the Christian and Jewish calendars so the celebration of the events of Passover, Cross, Resurrection line up in the way they did originally, with the Last Supper shared in Passover.

And what a rare blessing to have our Jewish friend, Jeff Krisman, share more about his Jewish faith during our Wednesday meal. He was having one unofficial Midrashing (if that’s a word) “Seder” with us then went home for the official Seder meal.

Jeff and his wife, Lori, and friends Morgan (who washes dishes with Kramer Newsom) and Laura (who sits at the welcome table with Lori), also brought Easter Eggs. Jeff said, “It’s not often a Jewish couple brings Easter eggs to give out at a Christian Church.” Yes, that’s right. Jeff and Lori, May your Passover celebration be joyous and filled with hope . . . and may our Christian celebration of redemption at the cross and resurrection be joyous and filled with hope as well.