A perfect 10

Jacob turned 10 this week. Double digits.

I asked my son whenelse is he going to get another digit in his lifetime.

“Ninety years from now,” Jacob said.

“I hope you live that long, son,” I said.

Jacob looked through the windshield and we adjusted the cupcakes we were holding between us while we drove to school.

“This is a big day, getting another digit. Don’t ever forget what it’s like in the single digit world. It’s rough but fun in the double digit one, but welcome buddy. We’re in this together.”

Jacob blinked and turned his head a few degrees my direction to somehow acknowledge my odd comment without overdignifying the silliness of it. We arrived and Jacob kissed and hugged me and got out.

I hope there’s still tenderness for Jacob in the double digit world. At least there was today.

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