We the Purple

Marcia Ford is a kindred spirit in her journey politically, spiritually, and as a writer. She describes herself as “a book author, with 18 traditionally published books. I’m also a ghostwriter, though of course I can’t talk specifically about those books; let’s just say that I’ve ghostwritten or contributed to 12 additional books. I’m also a book editor, book reviewer, writing instructor, writing mentor, and journalist. I’m married with two adult daughters, and I have a special interest in postmodern spirituality.”

This month, in leading up to the election, I’ll be blogging through her new book, We the Purple. On the cover it says, “We are independent voters, neither Republican red nor Democratic blue. Many of us are people of faith who are tired of partisanship in the church.”

Ford believes the time has come for the huge numbers of independent voters in the United States, and many politicians are listening to this group of voters pumping their fists and crying, “Be reasonable.”

But before I launch into chapter one, here is a little ditty that comes to my mind and you can sing today to the tune of Kermit the Frog’s “It’s not easy being green.”

It’s not easy being Purple.

Having to spend each day the color of Republican and Democrats.

When I think it would be nicer being red, or blue, or green, or something more primary like that.

But purple’s the color of a lavender field, or the color of the sunset kissing the clear blue sky.

And purple can be big like a MOUNTAIN’s Majesty, or bold, like a river, or small like a flower.

I’m purple, and I think it’s what I want to be.

Greg Taylor

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