Crown Financial Freedom Seminar

Like most of you, Jill and I have experienced financial peaks and valleys. The peaks are not just windfalls of money. The peaks can be the blessing, hard-work and grace of God to pay off debts and be financially free to give away more. The valleys can be the reality of debts that can pile up when life hits you from different directions.

An illness or surgery, braces or serious dental work, college, an accident–so many ways we can get financially derailed. You’ve experienced these things yourself! That’s why I’m very excited about the Crown Financial Freedom Seminar Garnett is hosting January 19, 2008.

We’ve invited the community, put an ad in Community Spirit Magazine, promoted this widely in the community, and everyone is invited–both those struggling and those who are on solid footing but want to continue so and help others.

Walk up registrations are welcome. Just show up Saturday at 8:15 am and register. Seminar starts at 8:45 and goes through 4 pm. Cost is only $25 each. Breakfast and lunch will be served for donations only.