Frothy Monkey and ZOE Conference

Back in Nashville again. I’m posting this from a coffee shop called The Frothy Monkey. Pure Nashville 21st Century with musician artists blazing the web on their Macbooks, perhaps self-Googling to see who’s noticed their music today.

I left a piece of my heart and writing work here in Nashville and make trips three times a year to catch up with writing/editing projects, keep up with a few friends, and, this trip, come to ZOE Conference.

Brian McLaren will be here later today and speak twice Friday and once Saturday. Looking forward to how his talks on “Via Contemplativa and Via Activa” fold into the Growing Deeper sessions with our spiritual directors, Randy Harris, Jackie Halstead, and Gary Holloway. Participants will hear Randy’s and Brian’s keynotes then attend sessions on Sabbath, Silence, and . . . can’t remember the other one right now.