I’ve been serving with ZOE/Wineskins for six years and excited about the journey we are on toward a more Christ-mission-led approach to a worshipping life. The way ZOE works is that we’ve opened ourselves to learning from Christians worldwide from various denominations, both men and women, who are helping us move from being “a worship ministry” — and we do still produce a new worship CD and have a worship conference annually — to being a fellowship of people on a journey to model our lives and mission after Jesus’ life and mission. It has been an incredible journey, and we’re just getting started.

Want to join us? Write me and ask more about it or click the links below. My email is info@wineskins.org. Wineskins Magazine (www.wineskins.org) is very much part of this journey as well.


Look to the Hills
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Nashville | Oct. 4-6, 2007
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