Ice Storm 2007

We’re covered with 2-3 inches of ice in Tulsa. This morning a young man who is going for military training wants to be baptized. So I’m meeting him at Garnett and we’ll baptize him around 1 pm today. Sometimes the love of God in a person’s heart (and perhaps the fear of God, I do not know the heart of this young man that is driving him) is unstoppable.

My prayer for him is that, just as Jesus received the pleasure of the Father and the glory of the Spirit descending upon him, this young disciple will experience that moment of God’s presence.

I’m profoundly disappointed that we had to cancel “The African Children’s Choir” concert. Yesterday was a grueling day for those who helped plan the event, and thanks to Carol Brown in particular, who helped me work through dozens of details and made sure the children were cared for, and special thanks to Global Outreach Church that helped accomodate the children extra days and to Garnett members who offered to keep them. The choir directors preferred the children stay with families they’d already stayed with after the Wednesday concert at Global Outreach.

We are talking with the African Children’s Choir office about re-scheduling on this tour, so stay tuned.

Jill and I were proud yesterday of our ten-year-old, having worked incredibly hard with a whole index file of spelling bee cards, did not win the school but after some sadness about getting out, held her head high and kept it in perspective. I love spelling bees and they are tense, so we were nervous for her and disappointed when she went out.