Halloween 2006

My goals for Halloween 2006.

  1. I will not eat my son’s candy.
  2. I will not eat my oldest daughter’s candy.
  3. I will not eat my youngest daughter’s candy.

Not that they care. They usually offer it to me. The stupidity is when I take it. My grandfather had late life onset diabetes, so does my dad. Jill said she saw an article about how Halloween starts the season of gluttony. Nope, not gonna do it.

Join me in celebrating the good creation but not processed sugar? Just one simple goal for me: Don’t eat candy this week; look around at the color of the leaves instead, and be satisfied with God’s sweetness. I know that may sound corny to some of you . . . reminds me of candy corn. No!

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2 comments on “Halloween 2006

  1. It is in the dualistic separation of the sacred from the profane that we’ve lost our way in this world. Nobody would really care if we who follow Christ did not show up at their doors. I really believe that…we’ve become so inconsequential in our neighborhoods and communities that we’re not even missed. It is our job to begin to reclaim our love for our neighbors in the simple acts of engaging people in and around their homes. I wouldn’t miss a Halloween night for anything. See you next year….shalom


  2. I was pleasantly surprised this year to see Halloween characters looking much happier, lighter in their themes, more fun looking. My favorite part of the evening was meeting five hispanic kids who rang our doorbell. They were so cute. They asked, “Where do you live?” They pointed a half block up the street. “We’ve lived there five years,” the oldest one said.

    I had never noticed. But I did go to Wednesday night church.


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