Dale Ward

stafward.gifMy friend, Dale Ward, has been given only a few days to live. His heart is failing, and he believes clearly that he ought not continue the spiral down and struggle back up cycle he’s gone through over the past several years.

I asked him what he sees clearly right now and he said, “Jesus is all the world to me.” He said song lyrics have been pouring through his mind since the prognosis. “There’s no better friend,” he said, “than Jesus . . . I’m standing between, like Paul, and I want to stay but I want to go.”

Dale’s wife, Pat, said she felt blessed to have her children and grandchildren come, that they’d had a full day and that God had blessed them greatly.

Dale is Executive Producer for World Christian Broadcasting. Dale is a veteran broadcaster with a degree in Journalism. He is responsible for the content of all three KNLS language services: English, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese. Dale is also an actor and orator of some note. His voice is heard from time to time on the Hymns Of Praise and Parables of Jesus KNLS radio series.

Dale has mentored me and led me through writing and voicing radio scripts for KNLS. He is the one I quote when I tell people writing for radio, “Speak to one person. Imagine that one person you are talking to, a Russian, Chinese, African, but when you write for radio, tell one person your story.”

If you know Dale or know of him, would you please say a prayer for Dale Ward right now? Pray this prayer with me: May the Lord bless the worldwide work that Dale has done, and may it continue not only in his honor but in your honor, Father, for his life has been one lived in service not of a denomination but in sacrifice for Your kingdom life. Amen.

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