An alternate history by Jonathan Alter

Along the lines of precise punishment . . . this is an imaginative article by Jonathan Alter, a kind of person President Bush should have surrounded himself with. Instead he has surrounded himself with people like Karl Rove and Dick Cheney, who seem to have little imagination for things other than power and wealth.

An Alternate 9/11 History
By staying ‘humble,’ as he promised in 2000,
Bush preserved much of the post-9/11 good will abroad.

By Greg Taylor Posted in 9/11

One comment on “An alternate history by Jonathan Alter

  1. Hi, Greg.

    I read the piece by Alter.

    I’m not a big fan of the President, but regarding foreign policy and the so-called war on terror, the article struck me as some of the worst sort of Monday-morning quarterbacking. “If President Bush had only killed the biggest, meanest crocodiles while charming the nicer ones . . .”

    Also, Bush diplomacy could have “forced” both Iraq and Syria to help out with the war on terror? I doubt that.


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