9 meaningful foreign films

  1. Hotel Rwanda – I felt deep sorrow, for this was the time we lived as neighbors to Rwanda . . . we hosted a “Hutu” for seven years after that.
  2. Most – a powerful Czech/Pol short film about the love of father and son.
  3. The Constant gardener – set in Kenya, about corruption in the pharmeceutical industry and testing of innocent AIDS victims that does them harm, and one woman’s quest and finally one man’s sacrifice to stop it.
  4. Chocolat – characters rich as the chocolate that Juliette Binochet doles out in the town during lent.
  5. Babette’s feast – beauty and sacrifice in the heart of a woman who shows gratitude by cooking up a feast for the entire village.
  6. The mission – a classic that will always stick in my consciousness.
  7. End of the spear – one of the best “missions” stories of the twentieth century, but the screenplay was not well written and executed, but still worth seeing (not saying I could do better, but it just wasn’t the quality of story that it could have been).
  8. Pride and prejudice – best dialogue in a movie I’ve seen in quite some time.
  9. The gods must be crazy – hilariously eye-opening and world view shifting.
  10. What’s one of yours to fill in the 10th?