Hirsch and Frost in their incredible book, The Shaping of Things to Come ask this penetrating question:

What would your experience of church be like: (1) if you no longer had a building? (b) if you could no longer meet on Sundays? (c) if you had no pastor or clearly identifiable leadership team?

OK, if that’s too much, then just take one at a time. Some of you have lost identifiable leadership before. What did that do for your church in how it functioned?

Others have met in a rented facility or in homes. How did architecture change how women prayed, spoke, interacted? How did it impact the way you lived “church”?

The questions, the authors say, force us to think biblically and radically about our experience of church. Christendom, they say, has always associated itself with these three: buildings, Sundays, and clergy. “Yet the New Testament church had none of these.”