It closes the shops . . .

It closes the shops
Closes the schools
Closes a city
Stops a war
Fuels a nation
Breaks the borders
Builds a hero
Crushes a dream
Answers a prayer
And changes the world.

One game changes everything . . .

2006 FIFA World Cup


From a pullout ad in Sports Illustrated.

I’ve watched most of the World Cup with my family and at one of my favorite local restaurants, Shish-Ka-Bobs, an Iranian place that’s operated across the street from Garnett Church for about ten years. One of the high school seniors who just graduated from Union High School is a waitress there. Soccer enthusiasts from all over the city gather there. Many languages are spoken during the game. Though we’re all at different tables, we’re all talking to each other, collectively sighing and groaning . . .

Particularly at lunch hour today when the U.S. team lost 3-0 to Czech Republic.

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