Global Night Commute

Visit Clint Davis’s site to read about our experience with the Global Night Commute.

Jill, Ashley, Anna, and I joined about twenty from Garnett Church and Contact Church to walk five miles to the site where we joined five hundred others to identify with the children of Sudan and Uganda who are displaced, raped, forced to kill or be killed, who suffer incredibly.

It was very cold but the turn out was amazing.

Thank you to Shannon Russell, who stepped up and said, “I’ll do this in Tulsa and organize it.” She had a team of about a dozen who jumped in, and with the help of God, activist people and Oprah (the filmmakers of Invisible Children – were on Wednesday), the turn out was better than expected.

Here’s a link to Clint’s site. Clint is my cousin, and I’m very proud to live and work with him on projects such as this and others we get each other into.

Clint Davis’s Blog on Global Night Commute in Tulsa