First day of work

I’m sitting at my desk after my first day of work at Garnett Church of Christ in Tulsa. I’ve never had a more smooth and enjoyable first day on a job. The staff is very kind and helpful. We had two staff meetings then the office staff briskly helped me get set up with phone, computer connection, keys, entry codes, directories and databases, tours.

Several expressed concerns about content of our first staff meeting, since it dealt with issues of communication and conflict and how to love one another in the church and problems that exist, and my response was that as long as I’ve been around people, we have conflict and that I’m not shocked and certainly expect this and appreciate that they are not trying to sweep problems under the carpet.

I’m sitting at the folding table that’s my desk (in storage in Tennessee till moving van comes with household goods when our house is ready in September), typing on laptop, with phone, planner, Bible, an in and out box, a church directory. Went to visit an elder’s 91-year-old brother who recently had brain surgery to relieve swelling after a fall. Getting acquainted and connecting with leadership, staff, and the rest of the congregation is key right now in early months. So simplicity of no books and empty files and bookshelves serves me right now. It’s refreshing and puts me in the relationship frame of mind and heart where I want to be.

Tonight it’s off to fish with a dentist in the congregation. Bow fishing. Maybe I’ll give you a short report on that later.

The family is doing fine. Children are adjusting and being with cousins last week softened the blow of moving. Enjoyed very much last week where, as Jill put it, our biggest worry was keeping enough sunscreen on.