Mother’s Day: She Deserves a Little Money

Jacob, 6, was talking to his sister, Anna, 8, and this is what we overheard:

I’m gonna give mom five dollars for Mother’s Day . . . she deserves some money.

After running to the store for a couple last minute items for Mother’s Day, thinking I’d help my children make their mother’s day, I came home to them sitting on the bed with handmade crafts, pictures, gift bags. I had forgotten how much my Anna loves to prepare and give gifts. That’s one key way she shows love. I felt stupid having her sign the card I’d bought for them. The kids had each already made their own card. I should have just asked Anna and Ashley, 11, earlier what they’d planned.

Jill’s father had come to help take care of the kids while I was at Pepperdine last week. Her mother and grandmother joined us, so we had a great Mother’s Day with four generations of Rudd/Smiley/Taylor women together.

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