Monastic Top 10

A few years ago, I compared and contrasted the monastic orders of Benedict, Augustine, and Francis. While Benedict coined the phrase, “The life of a monastic ought to be a continuous lent” (Benedict, Rule, 49), the following top 10 are commonalities of the monastic orders of Augustine, Benedict, and Francis:

  1. life is lent led by a director
  2. humility
  3. community, cloister
  4. celibacy
  5. poverty, no personal property
  6. favor the weak, sick
  7. manual labor
  8. radical imitation of Jesus
  9. correcting one another
  10. prayer

Interesting . . . one of the major associations we make with monasteries is chanting and solitude. While part of many orders, solitude and chanting are not emphasized in these three orders as much as the above top 10.

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