Dr. Toby’s new blog

I want you to know about my brother’s new blog. Dr. Toby’s blog

Toby used to beat me in Monopoly and Paydirt (an old Sports Illustrated football game I wish we still had). When it snowed, we made snow forts and pelted one another in love with snowballs, did stupid things together . . .

Stupid things like making ramps for our bikes that could never in the wide wide world of physics work. One time–along with brother Brent, cousins and friends–we made a ramp out of snow and pulled one another on skiis by a rope attached to a motorcycle. The rider would pull the skier next to the ramp and up we’d fly, letting go of the rope or holding on if we could. Brent was the first to try the ramp he’d built one day. “Let’s make it steeper! I’ll be the first,” he said, bravely. He was the oldest. He flew straight up and landed on his back. He was obviously in pain, and limped back to the house.

That was before Toby was a doctor. But I’m pretty certain even if it had been Dr. Toby watching Brent moaning on his back, he still would have done the same thing he did that day in our teen years: laughed till he cried.

Read Dr. Toby’s blog. He just started it, but it will be peppered with great insights from his medicine practice (he’s both a pediatrician and internist), life and family, and Scripture.

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