Another Classic Christmas issue from Wineskins

Wineskins Christmas (Vol 2, No 8): Madonna and Child, Jacobello Del Fiore, 1394-1439
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I put up all the articles from this 1994 classic Christmas issue of Wineskins. For my readers on this blog, I’m offering you an extended trial of the magazine if you’re not already a subscriber. We offer a 10-day free trial, but I’ll give you from now till January 31, 2005 to look at these Christmas articles and begin to see the redemptively challenging articles that we’ll put up beginning January on Christian Ethics.

Use this user name: “gracemail” and password: “wineskins” . . . I made this same offer to Edward Fudge’s GracEmail subscribers, thus the user name.

Merry Christmas and blessings of Advent (Christ’s coming as Emmanuel) to you and yours.

Click here to read this issue

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