Ashley, my daughter who turns eleven this month, started playing clarinet this year. I had expected a lot of squeaking and squaking but she really took naturally to it and has good tone and is doing very well. She had a concert tonight and I was surprised at how well the whole band of 40 to 50 5th and 6th graders sounded.

Earlier today my friend, Shawn Brown, shared a few of his songs with me. He is a talented songwriter and guitarist.

What with all that music, it seemed right that I had earlier this week borrowed The Music Man from the library and would play a few scenes for the kids. “Boring!” they grumbled at the idea. I told them the worst thing about watching it would be admitting they liked it so much. After the opening scene they were crying for more! What a great musical and movie (1962 version with Robert Preston, Shirley Jones, Ron Howard).

Whadayatalk? Whadayatalk!? Wherejaget it? (Library, but you can get it at Amazon)