Explaining how I feel to a non-sports fan

I tried to explain to a friend, who’s not a sports fan, the sense of disappointment about the Cards getting swept by the Red Sox. It’s like

  • An avid reader and fan of C.S. Lewis finding out he made up his life story
  • A Ford Mustang enthusiast buying the ’04 and finding a ’72 Pinto engine in it
  • A W. or Kerry fan and your candidate gets shut out in debates or loses campaign

Even so, we could not have been swept by a better and more anointed team of destiny than the Boston Red Sox. I may have come down with a case of the dry heaves if the Yankees had swept the Redbirds. So, not just congratulations to the Red Sox but a hearty Pedro Martinez glove slap on the rear like he did to Larry Walker in game 3, “Way to go, Red Sox! You deserve this.”

By Greg Taylor Posted in General